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arrival the hits of abba

ARRIVAL – The Hits of ABBA

Abba-solutely Fabulous


This weekend The Playhouse, Whitley Bay was transported back to the glitz and sparkle of the 70s and 80s to join Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Ani-Frid on stage as the hits of the band came alive once more through the tribute act that was Abba Arrival, the award-winning international tribute band.

This six piece band burst onto the stage in full Abba regalia to the delight of the audience which for the evening spanned across possibly four generations.  Enjoying the evening with a very excited nine-year old, initially fearing he’d be the youngest in the room, which he certainly wasn’t, this show was great for everybody.  They even pointed out a couple in the audience who had travelled from Telford to see the show (they regularly attend their shows all around the country).

Passionate and energetic you could tell that the four characters had meticulously studied the globally recognised band from outfit choices, dance routines to their mannerisms and even accents.  The bass player, dressed in a Swedish flag shirt had an infectious energy as he almost pogoed across the stage.

The chemistry of Abba Arrival was undoubtedly flawless as they performed the classics such as Waterloo, Fernando, Mamma Mia and of course our little 9 year old’s favourite; Dancing Queen.

Encapsulating the attention of the audience for their rendition of ‘I have a dream‘ they lifted the house lights and headed into the audience to find willing participants to join in with the singing. Of course, our little Abba fan threw up his hands and was overjoyed when the microphone was handed to him.  Belting out the lyrics on the screen his little face lit up and he couldn’t have had a better evening.

This sentiment was felt by the whole audience as they poured into the aisles to dance, clap and sing along.  Abba Arrival well and truly arrived at the stage at Whitley Bay!  If you’re looking for a tribute band to enjoy the sounds of those four internationally famous Swedes then this is undoubtedly the show you must see.  The high-octane energy was absolutely perfect from start to finish.


~a guest blog by Laura @ ELLEfluence

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Disclaimer: These tickets were provided complimentary, all views are our own. Read more about disclosure here.




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