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An evening with the Adonises

Adonis Newcastle review

~ a guest blog by Melissa Nicholson


You can imagine the reaction when the ladies at Nights Out In Newcastle were asked if they would like to come and review Adonis Cabaret Show in Newcastle!  This flamboyant and fun cabaret show takes place in Stein Bier Keller the Bigg Market and has some of the very best male strippers, fabulous drag queen hosts and amazing entertainment.

Well once the fighting was over and who was going was decided our group assembled and we set off for an evening of fun and mischief.  We arrived at 6.30pm and were greeted by friendly staff behind the bar when we ordered our drinks from the menu, I opted for the Bavarian bubble-gum cocktail which was served in a huge stein! 

We met the absolutely fabulous ‘Ophelia Balls‘ who explained to us all what we needed to do.  Group by group we were taken through the velvet curtains to be introduced to the strippers and get a group photo, we also had a great welcome cocktail which was thoroughly yummy.

adonis cabaret newcastle


We were seated on park bench style seats with a light picnic box in the middle, it was more than enough to share with our group.  We chatted and settled in as all the various Hen Parties and Birthday groups gathered.  It took about 20 minutes for all the groups to be seated.  There was a mix of ages, with everyone clearly in the party mood.  

Ophelia Balls made a grand entrance onto the stage where she warmly greeted us all!  She looked fabulous with her stunning make up and perfect hair.  She then went to each group and asked them why they were here and where they were from.  She noticed that there was one male member of a large hen party, his name was Cory.  It was great to see so many people all out enjoying themselves, and we all got the star treatment from Ophelia, although she did make a beeline for Cory as often as possible!

After the introductions were over and our glasses full, the show was about to start!  Out of nowhere two gorillas came bounding onto the stage and started to dance!  They came of stage and started to mingle with the groups, I have to warn you these were not two ordinary dressed gorillas but two gorillas with very large willies.  They ran between the tables joking about and dancing next to the woman who were laughing along.  They ran back on the stage and quickly took their costumes off where we were greeted to two of the strippers.  Underneath the gorilla costumes they had fireman costumes on, this got the crowd going wild!  They teased us all when they started taking of their jackets and slowly taking off their big yellow shiny helmets!  They teased us even more by coming off the stage and dancing with the groups.  They both went back on stage and the song finished, although they didn’t take their clothes off fully they did leave us all wanting more.

Ophelia came back out and thanked the boys for getting the party started!  We decided that this was a good time to recharge our glasses, I went back for another Bavarian Bubble-gum cocktail.  They were very reasonably priced and went down a treat.  Back at our tables Ophelia gave us a story of an infection that I can’t possibly discuss any further but it had us all laughing.  And now it was round 2 with the strippers, one of the boys from before, Nathan came back out and gave us all a dance where he did in fact strip down to his bare bottom, and what a peach it was!

adonis cabaret newcastle

After Nathan it was audience participation, one member of the groups were called out on stage and lucky for me I was called up out of my group, wonderful!  I had no idea what was in store, but without hesitation Ophelia informed us all that it was lip-sync battle time.  But this time we didn’t know which song was going to be chosen for us to lip-sync too.  We were given a number and had to stand 1-6, I was last at no 6.  

Nervous as anything the first singer went up, she was lucky to get a pussycat dolls song to sing along to.  As I waited for my fate, I was happy to have a sing on long as well.  Cory was on stage next to me at no 5, and he was given Break Free by Queen (this is my favourite song from my childhood) but Cory stole the show and cock dropped to it!  

Then I was me, and I got Sir Mix-a lot and I like big butts.  What a hoot to sing to sing and “dance” to this, I say “dance” as I am not a dancer at all, but it was great fun being on stage!  Unfortunately there is a video of this “dance” floating about in the world-wide web but hopefully it can’t be found!  Ophelia made a dramatic entrance on stage and sang Whitney Huston’s ‘I will always love you‘, she was fabulous.  Now the scores were coming in from the lip-sync battle and I am very pleased to say that I came in 2nd place to Cory who stole the show!  Congrats Cory, you were great!

adonis cabaret newcastle

After that performance, I headed back to the bar for one more drink, yep, another Bavarian Bubble-gum!

We were onto the final stretch of the show, and it did not disappoint.  The two men who first came out returned and they danced away, taking all of their clothes off, again, they danced with the groups much to our delight, they went back on stage and the clothes came off again, but it didn’t end there, the mother in law of the bride was brought up on stage and she lay on her back, I can’t tell you what shenanigans that happened on stage but she was a very happy lady with a very big smile on her face when she came to sit back down, I am sure that I saw Ophelia blush!

The rest of the strippers came out for a final farewell as we all had another set of group photos taken.  There hen do package includes entry to Tiger Tiger before 11pm as well so is great value for money and lets you continue the night long into the early hours!

This has been to the best strip show and cabaret act that I have seen in a very long time, I’d definitely recommend it.  Ophelia gave the right amount of sass and smut that had us all laughing thorought.  The Stein Bier Keller is a great venue, it was intimate Ophelia put us all at ease, the Cabaret Show was enjoyable and really made us all laugh, Ophelia is a great singer and so funny!  I’d certainly pick this as a venue for my hen party whenever that’s going to be!



adonis cabaret newcastle


For more information and even book your very own Adonis Cabaret Show with Nights Out In Newcastle click here.





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