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alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Take a leap through the trap door with Alice in Wonderland at Northern Stage


~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather

Photo credit: Pamela Raith 


If there is one event on our Christmas calendar we look forward to every year – it’s the festive production at Northern Stage and this year did not disappoint with Theresa Heskin’s adaptation of the much-loved classic Alice in Wonderland.

From the same team that in previous years created The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and James and the Giant Peach we were in safe hands as the team always manage to bring the most imaginative, daring, and vibrant productions to the city centre stage.

Alice is a whizz at card tricks, hates sitting still and always asks too many questions. (But that’s not a bad thing at all!) One day her curiosity leads her tumbling into Wonderland where everything is so topsy-turvy her feet can barely keep up with her thoughts.

On a whirlwind adventure, courageous Alice meets the argumentative Tweedledee and Tweedledum, joins the Mad Hatter’s chaotic tea party and dashes from the Jabberwocky’s claws that catch.

With the White Rabbit as her side-kick can Alice escape the Red Queen’s cries of ‘off with her head!’ and make it home to her mum in time for tea?

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Photo credit: Pamela Raith 

Fourteen cast members take on the roles of several characters throughout this unstoppable journey down the rabbit hole.  The multi-talented, stand out actors also double up as musicians – pulling instruments out at any moment to add to the vibrant performance which lasts 2.15 hours (including interval).  

We’ll keep this review spoiler free but there’s certainly some very big (and we mean big) surprises along the way as the special effects team nailed it with a growing and shrinking Alice, a huge Jabberwocky, and a Cheshire cat – all controlled by the cast. The trap door effects throughout is one of the standout touches and adds to the overall originality of the show.

Director Mark Calvert said, “Our version of the story, brilliantly adapted by Theresa Heskins, is big, bold and bonkers. Our Alice is courageous and has something of the Artful Dodger about her.

“Theatres are special places where you are encouraged to let your imagination run free and we’ve certainly done that in the making of the show. Expect all sorts of weird and unexpected things to happen on stage.”

Taking a tumble through the trap door is the perfect festive treat for both little kids and big ones.  When Northern Stage said, this performance is big, bold and bonkers – they meant it!  Prepare to be dazzled this festive season with Alice in Wonderland.


For more information on Northern Stage click here.

~ a guest blog by Cheish Merryweather




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