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1867 review

1867 at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House

~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


When my editor asked if I wanted to go along to this and I checked out the website I wasn’t really sure what to expect, it was all very mysterious and from what I could make out it was a cross between a theatre production and a tour of the iconic Tyne Theatre and Opera House.

It had been described as a “maze of the mind” by London Theatre One and was billed as immersive theatre, being someone who likes passive theatre it’s no wonder I was a little anxious upon arrival but fear not, I had taken along my nearly 14-year-old for protection.

The age guidance said from 14 years old and I think if anything, she probably got more out of the experience than I did, it’s fair to say that she absolutely loved our wander around this historic building, there are after all, not many chances to stand on the stage of a huge theatre or to go right down into the understage to see the trapdoors and foundations first laid in the 18th century.

The Tyne Theatre and Opera House has had a somewhat chequered history but I’m going to remain vague because otherwise I feel I’ll ruin the experience and that’s what this trip back in time is, you’re met by a friendly face who helps you don a nifty pair of headphones, your soundtrack to the journey as it were and then you are led around the theatre with surprises around every corner.

I stood on the stage and looked out into the empty stalls trying to imagine just what it felt to feel the spotlights burning my brow and blinding my vision to the full house, I wondered what if?  And just for a moment I imagined my life if I had ever made it onto a large and infamous stage.

1867 is immersive but for anyone with anxiety please don’t be worried, there are no horror maze type shocks here, yes it’s true there may be one or two ghostly goings on but worry not for not even a moment did I feel scared or frightened.

It’s billed as 60 minutes in length though in truth it was less and then end of the tour felt slightly unfinished, perhaps because of the nature of the performance, it all felt quite odd but that’s not to say you shouldn’t go and do the tour because it’s not often that you get access to some of the places you’ll travel through time to on this tour.

1867 plays at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House all this week with performances/tours twice daily, just remember to go with an open mind and let yourself be immersed in a journey through 150 years of history.  

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~ a guest blog by Mandy Charlton


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