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10 Unmissable Upcoming Shows at Northern Stage

What’s on at the Northern Stage – November 2017 – June 2018


Last night, we were invited along to the spring season 2018 launch at Northern Stage and we could not be more excited for the following ambitious, innovative and passionate performances appearing right on our doorstep.

Northern Stage has a reputation for reviving classic plays in fresh adaptions and creating bold new work.  Previous sell out shows are making a return, international comedians will be gracing the stage and the UK premiere of The Last Ship – the acclaimed musical by International rock god Sting and starring Jimmy Nail – will be enjoying a 4-week season in Newcastle before a UK tour.

Here are our top picks for the upcoming season and ticket details for these unmissable shows…



The Last Ship: 12th March 2018 – 7th April 2018

“It’s a strange kind of beauty, it’s cold and austere, And whatever it was that you’ve done to be here, It’s the sum of your hopes, your despairs and your fears when the Last Ship sails.”

the last ship 

Director Lorne Campbell revealed, “It is a great pleasure and a privilege to be bringing this new version of The Last Ship to Newcastle. Sting’s score is steeped deep in the traditions of Northumbrian music and this epic story is fundamental to the identity of the people of the North East. This is a story of community, of resilience and how in even the very darkest of moments, hope and possibility remain.

The Last Ship tells the story of a ship-building town and its people. Gideon Fletcher, a sailor, returns home from half-a-lifetime at sea to discover the ship-building life he left behind in chaos. The yard is closing and no one knows what will come next. With the engine fired and pistons in motion, picket lines are drawn as foreman Jackie White and his wife Peggy fight to hold their community together in the face of the gathering storm. 



Alice In Wonderland: 25th November 2017 – 6th January 2018


alice in wonderland

Last year, we could not have loved the all-singing, all-dancing sell-out James and the Giant Peach more. Director Mark Calvert returns with an even bigger, bolder and more bonkers show – Alice in Wonderland. He announced last night that audience members should expect a full band, original songs and a 14-metre Jabberwocky!

This year we will meet Alice who is a whizz at card tricks, hates sitting still and always asks too many questions. One day her curiosity leads her tumbling into Wonderland where everything is so topsy-turvy her feet can barely keep up with her thoughts. On a whirlwind adventure, courageous Alice meets the argumentative Tweedledee and Tweedledum, joins the Mad Hatter’s chaotic tea party and dashes from the Jabberwocky’s claws that catch.

With the White Rabbit as her side-kick can Alice escape the Red Queen’s cries of ‘off with her head!’ and make it home to her mum in time for tea? Alice in Wonderland is an action-packed Christmas treat for the whole family.



North: War of the Worlds: 31st January 2018 – 10th February 2018

war of the worlds

In the unfathomable darkness of space, an invisible missile starts its journey to Earth from Mars. And another. And another. And another…Ten missiles red at the unsuspecting Earth and rushing through the empty gulf of space. Ten missiles carrying an invading force of Martians, their intellects vast, cool and unsympathetic. Hour by hour, day by day, closer and closer the Martians come, ready for war and the massacre of mankind.

This sci- story of survival charts the fortunes of N and his loved ones as they become refugees in their own country, forced to flee from an unknown and unprovoked enemy, and battle against the devastation and destruction of their planet.

Northern Stage’s vivid and dynamic new production of H.G. Wells’ iconic novel The War of the Worlds will be an energetic and contemporary re-telling of the classic dystopian drama.



The Department of Distractions: 2nd February 2018 – 10th February

the department of distractions


A single glove in the street, A pair of shoes hanging from a telephone wire, A torn up love letter in a Metro carriage, A phone box that rings as you walk past…

You see their work – but you never see them. So subtle you might not even notice. Snags in the fabric of everyday life. Objects, moments, the seeds of stories, the odd little things you come across every day that make you think: what’s going on there…?

The Department of Distractions: an organisation so clandestine you may have never have heard of them. They say their job is to plan stories in the world “to make life more interesting.” Others would argue that their job is to get us to look the other way. But things are starting to unravel, a story they started has got out of hand, they’ve lost control of it and now they’re in danger of being exposed. How far are they willing to go to maintain their anonymity? How much are you willing to believe?

Third Angel brings you a conspiracy-theory documentary-exposé detective story for the 21st century that asks: What aren’t you looking at? #TheDepartmentOfDistractions



A Pacifists Guide to the War on Cancer: 7th February 2018 – 10th February 2018

a pacifists guide to the war on cancer

Bryony Kimmings wants to talk about cancer but she’s not getting very far. Instead, she keeps hearing about battles, survivors, fun runs and new leases of life. What’s everyone so scared of?

Kimmings is famous for her unique take on taboo topics – from her sexual health (Sex Idiot), to her boyfriend’s depression (Fake It ’Til You Make It), to her search for positive role models for her teenage niece (Credible, Likeable, Superstar, Role Model). Her highly acclaimed collaboration with Complicité blows everything you think you know about cancer out of the water. This funny and moving show looks behind the poster campaigns and pink ribbons at the reality of cancer… with songs.

Get ready for a new way to talk and think about illness.



Black Men Walking: 15th February 2018 – 17th February 2018

black men walking

We walk. Though we are written into the landscape you don’t see us. We walked England before the English.” Thomas, Matthew and Richard walk. They walk the first Saturday of every month. Walking and talking. But this walk…

Maybe they should have cancelled, but they needed the walk today. Out in the Peaks, they find themselves forced to walk backwards through two thousand years before they can move forwards.

Black Men Walking is the first national tour born from Revolution Mix – a three-year movement that will spearhead the largest ever national delivery of Black British stories.



Royal Shakespeare Company: Hamlet: 20th February 2018 – 24th February 2018

***Limited Tickets Available***


The Royal Shakespeare Company takes Shakespeare’s searing tragedy of murder and revenge on national tour in 2018.

A student is called home from university to find his life turned upside down. He had the world at his feet, but now everything has changed. Who can be trusted, who can be believed? Sent by the ghost of his father to avenge his brutal death, Hamlet’s mission to expose the truth is a perilous journey of madness, murder and lost love. What will ultimately become of a young man sent to kill?

Following a critically acclaimed run in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2016, rising star Paapa Essiedu plays the title role in a riveting and contemporary take on Hamlet.



Minefield: 22nd March 2018 – 24th March 2018


What is a veteran? Survivor? Hero? Mad Man?

In Lola Arias’ Minefield six Falklands/Malvinas war veterans who once faced each other across a battlefield now face each other across a stage. Together they share memories, songs and photos as they recall their collective war and embody the political games that led them into it.

Soldier, veteran, human – these men have stories to share as they take us from the horrors of war to today’s uncertainties, with brutal honesty and startling humour. Digging deep into the personal impact of war, Minefield is a collaboratively created work that merges theatre and lm to explore the minefield of memory, where truth and action collide.



Where Do We Stand?: 25th April 2018 – 28th April 2018

where do we stand?

A kaleidoscopic view of the state of our young nation through the eyes, ears, spirits and minds of Generation Z. A city spectacle illuminating untold stories and unheard voices on what it is to live, work and dream in Newcastle in 2018.

Where Do We Stand? is a heady fusion of spoken word, live music, physical and visual landscapes. An unmissable, bold theatre event made by a mass of young people living and dreaming in Newcastle right now.

Collectively written by a team of professional writers, co-produced and co-authored by young companies from Newcastle & Gateshead.



Frankie and Johnny In The Clair de Lune: 21st May 2018 – 2nd June 2018

frankie and johnny In the clair de lune

Frankie and Johnny have just had sex for the first time. Two ordinary people in New York City, each with their own historyof disappointments, hoping for more than a one-night stand. Frankie wants Johnny to put on his clothes and leave, so she can eat ice-cream with the TV on. But Johnny, a compulsive talker (and romantic), has other ideas. Tender and funny, it’s an intimate look at the first fragile moments of risking your heart and taking a chance.

Mark Calvert directs this offbeat romantic comedy, rst produced in New York 30 years ago with Kathy Bates and Kenneth Welsh and later made into a lm starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer.



The Believers Are But Brothers: 14th June 2-18 – 16th June 2018

the believers are but brothers

We live in a time where old orders are collapsing. From the post-colonial nation states of the Middle East, to the EU and the American election. Through it all, tech savvy and bloodthirsty groups like ISIS run through European drawn border lines.

Amidst this, a generation of young men and themselves burning with resentment; without the money, power and sex they think they deserve, they embark on a journey into an online world of fantasy, and violence. This Fringe First award winning multi-media show weaves together their stories.



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